Monday, June 9, 2008

Who can resist cake?

Thanks to Helen Rodrigues Shapewear you don’t have to resist. You can have your cake and still look sleek.

Helen Rodrigues Shapewear instantly smoothes the figure, creating a sexy silhouette under your favourite little black dress.

Boost your confidence, and your posture, in Shaper Briefs or Full Reducer Bodysuits. A must have garment for every woman’s wardrobe, Helen Rodrigues Shapewear range is seamless meaning no naughty VPL and the waist bands are designed with silicon so no nasty rollovers.

Whether you want to flatten your tummy, trim the hips or tighten the thighs, Helen Rodrigues Shapewear’s range of fourteen lush underthings will enhance your womanly assets where you want them and reduce them where you don’t.

Who said a woman can’t have it all?

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